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24 Well Cell Culture Plate
  • 24 Well Cell Culture Plate24 Well Cell Culture Plate
  • 24 Well Cell Culture Plate24 Well Cell Culture Plate
  • 24 Well Cell Culture Plate24 Well Cell Culture Plate

24 Well Cell Culture Plate

Cotaus® is a manufacturer and supplier of laboratory consumables in China with integrated R&D, production and sales. 24 Well Cell Culture Plate are widely used in basic research of life science, tumor research, virus detection and diagnosis, genetic engineering, vaccine research and development.

◉ Specification:24well, transparent
◉ Model number: CRCP-24-F
◉ Brand name: Cotaus ®
◉ Place of origin: Jiangsu, China
◉ Quality assurance: DNase Free, RNase Free, Pyrogen Free
◉ System certification: ISO13485, CE, FDA
◉ Adapted equipment: Suitable for cell culture
◉ Price: Negotiation

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Product Description

Our 24 Well Cell Culture Plate are made of high-quality imported PS raw material, which has high transparency characteristics for easy observation of cell growth.Multi-well cell culture plates are available in 6, 12, 24, 48, and 96-well formats.

Cotaus®24 Well Cell Culture Plate are made of high quality polystyrene material with TC-treated for cell adherence culture and cell suspension culture.Excellent transparency, providing better optical clarity for easy observation of cell status.Low profile and low-evaporation lid design assures uniform growth.Individual alphanumerical codes for well identification, flat bottoms.

Product Parameter


24 Well Cell Culture Plate


24 Well










Molecular biology, IVD, lab consumables

Production Environment

100000-class dust-free workshop


For free (1-5 boxes)

Lead Time

3-5 Days

Customized Support


Product Feature and Application

◉ Cotaus® 24-well cell culture plates use high-quality imported PS raw materials. It has high transparency, which is convenient for observation of cell growth.

◉ The 24-well cell culture plates were treated with TC, which greatly improved the adhesion to kinds of cells.

◉ Cell culture plates are covered with missing corners for easy orientation.

◉ Products are sterilized by gamma ray irradiation, leading free from DNA enzyme, RNA enzyme, pyrogen, cell inhibitor.

Product Classfication

Model No.




6 well, transparent

Single box, 100 boxes/box, 100 PCS/box


12 well, transparent


24 well, transparent


48 well, transparent


96 well, transparent


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