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Quality Control


All personnel (including company personnel, manufacturers, visitors, etc.), materials, and equipment entering the dust-free workshop shall comply with this regulation.


First step

Enter the purification area, take off the life shoes, put on clean slippers, and put your life shoes neatly on the right side of the shoe cabinet.

Second Step

Enter the shoe changing room through the buffer channel using entrance guard card, take off the clean slippers, and change to dust-free shoes.

Third Step

Enter the first dressing room, take off your coat, wear disposable head cap and mask.




Fourth Step

Enter the second dressing room, wear dust-free clothes and disposable latex gloves.

Fifth step

Disinfect hands after dressing.

Sixth Step

After stepping on the sticky mat, enter the air shower room for air shower.

◉ The materials required for the dust-free room shall enter the workshop through the air shower;

◉ All kinds of materials (including molds, raw materials, auxiliary materials, tools, and packaging materials) entering the dust-free workshop should be taken out of the packaging outside the cargo aisle. Dust and other objects on the surface should be removed with a rag or dust collector. Small items should be placed on the special pallet, and then enter the cargo air shower room;

◉ Before the products in the workshop are shipped out of the dust-free workshop, it is necessary to check whether they are well packed; the materials are delivered out of the dust-free room through the conveying line;

◉ Personnel are not allowed to enter and exit the dust-free room through the cargo air shower;

◉ There must be obvious signs on the turnover trolleys and turnover boxes in the dust-free room workshop, which are obviously different from those used in the non-dust-free room, and mixed use is forbidden;

◉ When new equipment enters the dust-free room, the transportation route should be planned in advance; partial isolation and protection measures should be taken to avoid damaging the dust-free room environment; if moving the new equipment may cause pollution to the production, it is necessary to arrange a partial shutdown in advance;

◉ Before entering the dust-free workshop, the equipment and molds must be cleaned and wiped outdoors; the special trays need to be replaced when the molds enter;Items that are prone to fly dust and static electricity are not allowed to be placed in the dust-free room;


Pipetting Station

Test the CV value of pipette tips and their adaptation


Water Drop Contact Angle Tester

Test product adsorption and magnetic bead residue problems

Automatic Imager

Test product dimensions in all directions





Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

Testing the stability of products in different environments


Automatic Insertion and Extraction Force 

Testing Machine

Test the insertion and extraction force of pipette tips


Leak Detector

Plate side leakage tooling, to prevent leakage 




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