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New Arrival | SALE | Serological Pipette


Serological pipettes are made of highly pure materials with clear and accurate graduations for quick and easy reading of pipette volume, and are widely used in cell culture, bacterial culture, clinical, scientific research, and other biological applications.Strict quality specifications and convenient features make Cotaus® serological pipettes the best choice for daily laboratory work. Available in a wide range of sizes and packages and adaptable to most pipettes on the market.

Material: ultra transparent, 100% virgin polystyrene, very high transparency

Capacity: 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 25ml, 50ml.

Packing: Pipettes are packed in individual paper-plastic packaging with an outer extraction box for easy extraction and use.

Sterility: Electron beam irradiation to SAL 10-6.

Product Features

√Clear and accurate scale for easy identification of pipette volume

√Different color markings for easy capacity selection

√Bi-directional graduated lines and negative graduated lines for versatile pipetting operations

√Filter plugs are utilized to prevent aerosol or liquid contamination of the pipetting device, thereby further decreasing the likelihood of sample-to-sample contamination.

For more product details, please feel free to contact us

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