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Cotaus Company Annual Gala: We're together


Cotaus Company has recently relocated to a new factory with a total area of 62,000 ㎡. The first phase of the project includes office areas, laboratories, production workshops, and warehouses, covering an area of 46,000 ㎡. This relocation marks an important milestone in the company's development, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and expansion.

To celebrate this moment, Cotaus Company held an annual party with approximately 120 employees attending. They performed dances, songs, and sketches, showcasing their talents and passion. A lucky draw was also organized, and nearly everyone received a prize. The employees were excited about the company's relocation and the growth and development opportunities it brings. The atmosphere at the event was joyful, and everyone had a great time.

This annual party celebrated the successful conclusion of 2023 and thanked the employees for their hard work throughout the year. On New Year's Eve, the employees looked forward to a better 2024. They firmly believed that Cotaus Company would continue to make progress and achieve greater success. They all had dreams and goals and were willing to work hard to bring more success to the company.

After relocating to the new factory, Cotaus Company will install over 100 fully automated production lines and intelligent detection equipment to further expand the factory's production capacity. The office area will cover 5,500 ㎡, and there will be a talent apartment building covering an area of 3,100 ㎡, which will serve as Cotaus' new headquarters. It also celebrates the beginning of a new journey for the company in the new factory. After the relocation, the company will continue to achieve brilliant accomplishments and provide high-quality products and services to global customers.

The annual party of Cotaus Company was an unforgettable event that brought everyone together. It marked the end of 2023 and looked forward to a hopeful 2024. Let us work together to make it a reality!

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