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New Arrival | SALE | Tips for Rainin pipettes


Cotaus introduces a new line of pipette tips that are fully adaptable to the Raininn pipettes. Pipette tips have been subjected to continuous quality control testing to meet stringent cleanliness and physical specifications.

Pipette tips for Rainin

● Raw material: The pipette tips are made of high quality polypropylene, which is autoclavable and chemically stable.

● Filter: Optimized filter made of sintered high-density polyethylene particles block aerosols and protect the pipette from contamination while maintaining pipetting accuracy.

● Specifications: 20μl,200μl,300μl,1000μl

● Features:

- Free of DNAase, RNAase PCR inhibitors.

- Super hydrophobicity reduces liquid residue and enables good pipetting precision.

- The slim design of the pipette tip combined with the soft thin wall creates a flexible thin wall that helps in dispensing.

Cotaus was founded in 2010, focusing on the field of automation consumables in scientific service industry, with independent technology as the core, providing customers with full product line of R & D, production, sales and in-depth customization services. Our products cover pipetting, nucleic acid, protein, cell, chromatography, sealing and storage series of disposable consumables.

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